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Stepping Stones

Grades ( KG 1 - KG 2 )

Tailored for children taking their first steps in English reading and writing, Stepping Stones aims to make learning fun. Stepping Stones: First Steps and Stepping Stones: Next Steps are a workbook and learning guide for reception-aged children who are just starting their journey in English reading and writing. From four years onward, the Stepping Stones series introduces reading and writing through phonics and blending, following the SATPIN method recommended as part of the UK curriculum. Letters for each sound are introduced one by one, with a story to read together, a set of words to blend, and a set of vocabulary words to learn. Activities including drawing, speaking, and playing all support and extend the child’s learning, step by step.

Latest Releases

Key to Social Studies

Grades ( 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 )

Key to Social Studies is a six-level course book that invites elementary students to explore the world. It triggers their interest to discover the different countries and their cultures as well as significant historical events and characters. It encourages them to be active citizens and better community members. This series also supports teachers with its informative, step-by-step teacher's guide. A home connection section is provided in each unit as well which offers an opportunity for parents' involvement in their kids' learning experience.